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A program for losslessly re-packing MP3 files. It attempts to save space by storing frame data in the smallest possible frame size. Usually MP3s are already stored in the most efficient way possible, but for some high-bitrate CBR files (like LAME's --preset insane) there can be a lot of wasted space.

More information is available on Hydrogenaudio.

Download version 1.24:

Windows binary Intel OS-X binary (1.20) OCaml source

Older versions

x264 builds

x264 is a video encoder which complies with the H.264 recommendation (or MPEG4 part 10, or AVC, or ISO/IEC 14496-10, or whatever you want to call it). I made a few builds for 64-bit Windows, and recently started making normal 32-bit builds.

My builds do not support writing to .MP4 files, and you must use 64-bit AVISynth if you want to open .AVS files with the 64-bit build (although there is a way around that).

32-bit 64-bit

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